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In Kahaki we specialize in hand building wheels, using quality equipment and years of experience.



If you are looking for fat 130mm rims for your custom cruiser, need 36″ unicycle stuff or some city fixed gear cutters, or high quality track bike wheels, we’ve got you covered!


We always listen to our customers’ needs and work on best components, to ensure what you get is simply the best.

What can I do?

We build everything on request, so the options are almost limitless. You can choose:

  • Rim size, width and shape (simple, double walled, 16″ to 36″, 28 to 130mm wide)
  • Spoke type and colors (2-3mm diameter, cut to desired length, silver, metallic anodized or even powdercoated RAL)
  • Nipple size, length and color.
  • Various normal or geared hubs, electric motors, drum brakes etc.
  • Any lacing type (radial, 3 cross, 9 cross?)
  • Everything powdercoated in RAL color palette, or covered with various graphics (even hand painted!)

We use hubs by Shimano, Sturmey-Archer, Novatec, Nuvinci, various components by DT Swiss, NS Bikes, Dartmoor,  tires by Kenda, Schwalbe, and few others!


Enough talking! Here you can see some of our coolest wheels.


  • 26″ x 65mm wide polished rim
  • 144 chrome spokes and
  • custom polished text adapters
  • 26″ x 3″ Ruff whitewall tire


  • 26″ 80mm hand drilled rim, powdercoated black
  • Custom 6×7 lacing with red spokes
  • Custom black text adapters, painted red inside
  • 26″ x 3″ Duro mountain tire
  • Black Hub with disc brake mount

  • 26″ 80mm rim painted red
  • 26″ x 3″ Street Hog tire with whitewall
  • Polished Colors adapters
  • 3L3T spoke lacing
  • Dice valve cap

  • 24″ 130mm wide, powdercoated glossy black
  • 144 spokes per wheel (!)
  • Radial lacing on simple black adapters
  • Fat coaster brake hub painted black

  • 26″ 80mm wide rim
  • 26″ 3″ full black Kenda Kraze tire
  • Rim was hand painted by calligraphy master WLK
  • Black spokes, classic 3x cross lacing
  • Custom Kahaki disc brake rotor

  • 26″ 80mm wide matte black rim
  • Gold spoke nipples
  • Metallic violet spokes
  • 108 spokes, light cross lacing
  • Shimano Alfine 8 hub

  • 26″ 50mm wide glossy black rim
  • 36 Black spokes with silver nipples
  • Glossy black Colors adapters
  • 3L3T lacing
  • 26″ 2.35″ Fat Frank tire

  • 26″ 80mm white rim
  • White spokes with black nipples
  • 26″ 3.45″ BOA-G tire with whitewall

  • 26″ 80mm rim in zombie green
  • Black spokes, black nipples
  • 6×7 Custom lacing
  • Black single speed hub
  • FAT 26″ 4″ Kenda Juggernaut tire

  • Stiff and durable enduro specified wheel
  • High quality 27,5″ DT Swiss Freeride FR 570 rim
  • Repacked original Mondraker front hub
  • Black Dartmoor spokes, Sandvik stainless steel, cut to length
  • Black anodized Pillar aluminum spoke nipples
  • Standard 3 x pattern
  • Maxxis Shorty 2.35 DH Tire
  • Tubeless installation with Caffélatex tire sealant

  • Lightweight fat bike wheels
  • 1160g front wheel, 1270g rear wheel (without rim tape)
  • DT Swiss 350 fat bike hubs: front 150mm x 15mm axle, rear 197mm x 12mm axle
  • Light DT Swiss Big Ride BR710 rims, 26″ x 80mm
  • Black Pillar stainless spokes with Pillar aluminium nipples
  • 3x lacing pattern
  • Tubeless ready

And many more! Go to our Facebook and Instagram page to see our latest builds.

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