Our frames.
Designed from scratch based on years of experience and tons of kilometers ridden. Handmade in Poland.


Stretch! Longer and lower than before.

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Mr. Bob

Short and agile bobber-inspired frame.

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Classic lines and comfortable cruiser geometry.

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Ladies cruiser frame – comfortable and stylish.

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Our propositions of chainring. CNC machined, made from carbon steel or stainless steel. Most of them are for USA/BMX bottom bracket. There is an option for custom designs/text or sizes.

Kahaki Star

Our first chainring signed by Kahaki logo. Nautical star inspired design. This chainring is with us from the beginning, bravely tolerating years of exploitation, bruises and unpleasant treatment.

Teeth 39, 42, 44 Material Black steel or stainless steel


Chainring with broken teeth, skip-tooth inspired and designed traditionally at 3 am during an exciting brainstorming session.

Teeth (equivalent) 39, 42, 45


Tires are too fat? Chainline is wrong? Thanks to this chainring it is possible to move it few mm further and do it in style!

Offset 5mm Teeth 39, 42, 44


– description not found –

Teeth 39, 42, 44


On the 8th day Zeus created a bicycle.. and he saw that it was good.

Teeth 39, 42, 45


Our handlebars are designed to work with our frames to keep the best possible geometry. They will also work with other larger cruiser/custom frames.

Moon XL

Classic moon in XL size. Can be cut to desired length.

Finish Chrome or black powdercoat


Feel the wind in your hair!

Finish Chrome or black powdercoat



Two crown fork – for that massive front look.

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Rigid Pai fork, perfect for classic projects and “standard” cruisers.

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We are producing adapters for all kind of wheels; both for changing the number of spokes and those purely decorative (i.e. custom shapes, text)


Aluminium shifters for Nexus 3 (or other hubs on request). Polished or anodized.

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Didn’t find what you’re looking for? No problem.
We also manufacture more bicycle parts on request. For more info check Custom, or contact us.


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